Ghosts of the Horseshoe is a mobile interactive application that, through the use of augmented reality and GPS functionality, brings the unknown history of slavery at South Carolina College into view.

My Role: UI/UX Lead in a group of 5

Tools: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator (Wireframes & Visual Design), Pen, Paper, and Social Media (Storyboarding)

Ward One

The Ward One mobile application and website is a follow-up to Ghosts of the Horseshoe. Its focus is on a predominantly African-American community created in Columbia during the urban renewal period--in the aftermath of the Emancipation and in the face of Jim Crow policies and segregation. It tells their story, framing the content so that it brings the past and the present together in one.

My Role: UX Lead in a group of 4; UI Lead in a group of 6

Tools: Adobe Illustrator (Wireframes & Visual Design), Pen, Paper, and Social Media (Storyboarding)



LiveFREE is a high fidelity mobile application prototype that a team and I created to help connect individuals with restaurants, allowing them to eat worry-free from their allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances to certain foods. The app is different from other competitors in that it features a restaurant search box, a barcode scanner, an ingredient search, an has an accessible menu all in one.

My Role: Lead Designer in a group of 4

Tools: UX Pin (Wireframing, Design, Prototyping), Pen and Paper (Storyboarding)