“Trull” documents the memory of Tommy Trull through his friends’ stories and reenactments of those stories. Trull was one of the wildest party animals of their youths, but his life was tragically cut short by a single-car accident. The film ponders his death and the events leading up to it, raising the question of how someone who came from a wealthy, Christian family transformed into such a boisterous and lawless man. It further questions whether his death was accidental or not.

Type: Performative Documentary
Key Production Personnel: Nick Woehrle and Kathryn Simmons

"Renacer" literally translates to "be reborn." Influenced by Jorge Luis Borges’s short story “The Rose of Paracelsus,” and Paracelsus’s book Hermetic, this recording of a live media performance explores what it means to die and come back from the mortal coil - to be reborn.

Type: Live Media Performance
Key Production Personnel: Kathryn Simmons

“By Fearing to Attempt” is a live media performance focusing on anxiety and fear. Using Max MSP, a live actor, and video clips from the Moving Image Research Collections (MIRC), I teamed up with Heather Blazek to create something that is different each time it is performed. This is a snapshot of that performance.

Let no one in.

Type: Live Media Performance
Key Production Personnel: Heather Blazek, Elizabeth Houck, and Kathryn Simmons

“surface” is an experimental film in response to the game Portal. It examines concepts such as fragmented/blurred self and surveillance while also exploring the long take, a film technique that allows a shot to last much longer than is conventional.

Type: Experimental Film
Key Production Personnel: Kathryn Simmons

Author C. Hope Clark hosted several workshops around the state, giving advice to aspiring writers so they could get their work published. I filmed Clark speaking on each topic for those who could not make it to these workshops and for those who simply want to refresh their memories. I worked with her in what is now the State Library’s podcast studio with a Canon T3i, a lavalier microphone, and limited lighting.

Type: Expository Documentary
Key Production Personnel: C. Hope Clark and Kathryn Simmons